You can see a few of my projects below. For a detailed breakdown of my work history, please visit my LinkedIn. Feel free to reach out there or by email.

Freelance Work

AKKA Karate

AKKA Karate Website Homepage

Along with my friend and designer Jared Bajkowski, we completely redesigned the website for AKKA Karate Westport, Kansas City’s first martial arts school.

Joel Nanos Music

Joel Nanos Music Homepage

Also per the design of my friend Jared, I created the personal site for music producer and mastering engineer Joel Nanos. The site uses a business card -inspired design, and showcases Joel’s Twitter presence and examples of his producing work through Soundcloud.

Pet Projects


TrumpBot Tweets

Generates tweets every hour using Markov chains based on old tweets to generate natural-looking nonsense (no longer active, but you can look at old posts).

Brew Web App

Brew - Web App This is actually what I built to teach myself web development in the first place—proof-of-concept that I could build a functional website. It’s using the Flask Python web framework and associated plugins to provide a full user authentication experience. A user can store logs about coffee they’ve brewed in a pretty, responsive web app. All the pretty stylistic elements aren’t finished, but the core functionality is there.