I really like whisk(e)y and as I taste more and more, I’d like to develop an actual habit of writing down my taste impressions. So here goes my first attempt, with a delicious whisky that’s surprisingly cheap for what you get—around $45 for 750mL.

Hopefully I can develop some discernment in tasting, as justification for this new hobby, hehe. I think it could be a good writing exercise, too, sort of a constrained writing prompt to flex my adjectives. Or maybe I’ll just become something I hate, a huge snob, but I doubt it. Publicly posting my tasting notes will keep me humble.


Nose: Vanilla and sweet sugar turns into ocean and wood.

Palete: More ocean, brine on first taste. Caramel. A thick texture.

Finish: Fire, burning wood with not-overwhelming peat (much less than the Laphroaig) and as decay continues, a soft warmth with no burn. Very pleasant and long-lasting. Sort of a menthol linger after the warmth.